Covid19 Awareness week 2023

Covid-19 is #NotMild 

Since much of the general public is in the dark regarding the current Covid-19 situation both in Canada and globally, we feel we need to assist experts in fields relevant to Covid-19, in getting accurate science-based information out to the public. 

Covid is Not Mild! And there is plenty of information out there to prove it. Unfortunately, most people are not being presented with that information, and it is about time they were. 

People cannot assess their own risks if they are not aware of the amount of virus circulating in their community, if they don't understand how the virus spreads indoors, like cigarette smoke. People are not being told about the SARS-CoV-2's lasting impacts on health and quality of life. If Public Health leaders won't share this information, then concerned and engaged citizens must fill that role.

History tells us that an informed, activated population is vital to protecting the public’s health.”  - National Academy of Medicine

We need to be loud and we need to get the word out NOW more than ever. 

     #COVID19 is #NotMild

Write your local Politicians

Contact your family & Friends

Contact Local Media

It's Over - The John Snow Project


Help fund an evidence based information campaign from experts in the field, free from political influence.

We need to get relevant and accurate information out to the public so they can assess their risk to self and others. 

Long Covid

#LongCovid and the conditions following a COVID-19 infection, are causing the largest ‘mass disabling event’ in the 21st century. 

To Learn more about Long Covid, it's symptoms, and how to support your loved ones going through this. Click above. 


COVID-19 is airborne. It has been discussed since 2020 but political bodies are not communicating that information with the general public or Regional Heath Authorities.

Trustworthy Sources of Information

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