Long Covid Resources

A conversation with Protect Our Province BC Dr. Susan Kuo & Dr. Ric Arseneau, Internal Medicine specialist & BC Physician Lead Provincial ECHO Education Program for Long Covid “It’s not uncommon for (Long-Covid) patients who are being gaslit to wonder whether they are crazy – they’ve never had anybody acknowledge that their symptoms are real,” says Ric Arseneau, a Coquitlam-based internal medicine physician and clinical professor at the University of British Columbia 

Long Covid: A Parallel Pandemic

Many people may never be able to put the pandemic behind them. They have long Covid, a catch-all term for illness that lingers long after a Covid-19 infection. More than 200 symptoms have been reported by patients, from hair loss and incontinence to severe tremors, anxiety, extreme fatigue and heart palpitations. “Even if the pandemic virus spread were to stop today, we still have tens of millions of people suffering long Covid,” says Yale immunologist Akiko Iwasaki. “That’s a parallel pandemic that’s happening, which is getting a lot less attention than the acute and severe Covid.” 

A very ordinary group of parents & our brave children are going to tell you a story in our own way. Our Unhappily Ever After Story... because nobody can give us any answers and we aren't better yet. We are sharing our experiences in the hope our story won't become yours. #LongCovidKids #MakeSchoolsSafe